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March 27th, 2015 Ohioans from across the state gathered to address Ohio’s significant injection drug use problem, and how harm reduction has, and continues to, succeed in the state.  Ohio is at a crossroads in the injection drug use epidemic, and a unified Ohioan community came to learn more about how Harm Reduction can save lives and prevent the spread of infection.  Below you will find electronic resources distributed throughout the day, the presentations, and resources for connecting to organizations represented at the conference.





  1. What’s Going on in Ohio?–Andrea Boxill–GCOAT
  2. Why Harm Reduction?–Daniel Raymond–Harm Reduction Coalition
  3. Building Trust with the Injection Drug Community–Megan Hatta
  4. Community Outreach and Harm Reduction–Adam Reilly–Cincinnati Exchange Project
  5. Harm Reduction and Law Enforcement–Officer Angela Vance–LGBT Liason City of Cincinnati
  6. The Trans Community and Harm Reduction–JAC Stringer–Heartland Trans Wellness Group



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