Using your Healthcare

As thousands of Ohioans gain access to health coverage, it is also important to ensure that the sometimes complicated health insurance plans are understood and used in order to maximize health outcomes. The best way to get the most out of your insurance is to be actively involved in your care.  It’s important to not be afraid to be your own advocate!  If a provider isn’t working for you, find one that does!

Below we’ve compiled a list of resources to help you better understand all the technicalities of various health insurance plans, services you can access, and how to file a complaint or grievance against a decision by an insurance company.

Check out this OAC Presentation on Health Insurance 101 that explains:

  • Using your healthcare
  • Picking a provider
  • Common insurance terms
  • Using preventative services
  • Ryan White and Health Insurance
  • The differences between Medicaid, Medicare, MyCare, and Private Health Insurance


Health Marketplace








Tax Resources


Preventative Services


Filing a Complaint or Grievance


Patient Assistance Programs and Co-pay Assistance