Health Marketplace and Medicaid Enrollment


What is the Health Marketplace?

In order to make healthcare accessible for all citizens, an insurance marketplace has been created that will allow individuals to compare and contrast plans without all of the confusing language that typically surrounds insurance plans. This marketplace, or insurance exchange, will offer several approved insurance plans for individuals to purchase coverage.  Open enrollment for these insurance plans runs from November 15 to February 15  and can be accessed through ARC Ohio is now a Certified Application Counselor organization, and can assist you in the process of enrolling in the marketplace.  Contact us today through our website, or at 614-340-6707 to get assistance. Need Help Enrolling People With HIV into the Marketplace? (download the webinar player here)  Check out our Webinar Series here:


Check out our Healthcare Coverage Toolkit Toolkit2

The Health Marketplace Toolkit is designed to provide resources and guidance for professionals and community members as they navigate the open enrollment period.  These resources provide guidelines for people living with HIV, providers, plan comparison tools and relevant timelines to ensuring that individuals successfully navigate the changing landscape of healthcare.

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