OAC Website wins a CSCA 2012 Creative Best Award!

On December 6th, Origo, the branding company that was instrumental in the creation of the Ohio AIDS Coalition’s website and brand, was proud to bring home three major awards from the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts’ 2012 CREATIVE BEST AWARDS, including the “Interactive and Web Merit Award” for the Ohio AIDS Coalition website!

Our website has been a hub of up-to-date and accurate information for professionals in our community as well as for people living with HIV/AIDS on policy and advocacy updates, community resources, and upcoming OAC and ARC Ohio events.  It continues to expand and adapt to the needs of our community as another tool at ARC Ohio in the march towards an AIDS-free generation.

Undercover Condoms has selected the Ohio AIDS Coalition to receive their yearly donation

Columbus, OH, December 3, 2012 — Undercover Condoms announces their 6th annual $1 for AIDS charities special at UndercoverCondoms.com. Every order in December will have $1 donated to charity to help fight HIV/AIDS.

This year, Undercover Condoms has selected the Ohio AIDS Coalition to receive the yearly donation. Shoppers who come to Undercover Condoms need only place an order to automatically send $1 to the Ohio AIDS Coalition to be used for education, leadership training, advocacy, and support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Undercover Condoms will offer customer discounts on December 1st, World AIDS Day, and will continue donations throughout December. This is the 4th year Undercover Condoms has donated a portion of orders to charity for World AIDS Month. Ohio AIDS coalition is the 3rd different charity to receive proceeds from the annual program.

“It’s important to continue to get the message out about HIV/AIDS,” said Brian Frank, Director of Business Development at Undercover Condoms. “Our product line goes hand in hand with educating the public about prevention and we’re pleased to partner with Ohio AIDS Coalition to further their goals in helping the public become more aware of how AIDS affects them and their community.”

World AIDS Day was started in 1988 to bring awareness to the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic. This year’s theme is ‘Getting to Zero: Zero New Infections, Zero Discrimination, Zero AIDS Related Deaths.’  “Partnering with a leading condom retailer like Undercover Condoms for World AIDS Month was an easy decision,” stated Bill Arnold of the Ohio AIDS Coalition. “The funds raised will help continue our mission of getting the word out along with helping our constituents, advocacy, and other important issues in the fight against HIV/AIDS.”

About Undercover Condoms:

Undercover Condoms is a leading online supplier of condoms, personal lubricants, massage oil, and other personal care products. The company carries every major brand including Trojan, Durex, Astroglide, KY, and much more. It’s spin-off site, PinkApple.com, is a rapidly growing female personal care retailer with tampons, hair removal products, and more. Undercover Condoms offers a private buying experience with award winning customer support, product reviews, and easy re-order option all at low prices. For more information,visit www.undercovercondoms.com or http://blog.undercovercondoms.com or click on the Undercover icon on the OAC website.